Dash, jump, wall slide, stomp and bounce your way through 40 levels of food-based mayhem, defeating Wee'vils, Chompies and more along the way.

Food Run is a platform action game combining dastardly traps with marauding enemies for some fiendish knockabout fun! 

With colorful characters based on popular foodstuffs such as strawberries, bananas and popcorn, Food Run is a cartoon come to life.

  • Universal app, including super sharp Retina graphics 
  • 40 levels of increasingly fiendish enemies and traps 
  • Using iCloud, start the game on iPad, continue on iPhone, finish on iPod touch! (requires iOS 5.0 or greater) 
  • Unlock Game Center achievements as you play
  • It starts off simple and becomes more complicated as you progress. Eventually you’ll find yourself cursing at it.
    — Kotaku
    Bright and breezy, Food Run has plenty of charm and a decent selection of levels to keep you entertained for a time.
    — Modojo
    Not only is this game cute (seriously, you can be a walking hamburger that squeaks out a grunt when it jumps), it’s extremely well-polished and altogether beautiful.
    — StickSkills
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