Swerve the ball with your finger. Beat the keeper and defence from 30 yards on your iPhone and iPad.

Complete and total control over the trajectory of the ball in a single flick. Direction, power, and curve - instantly under your command. Kick Flick's sublime physics engine handles the rest.

  • Retina Display on iPad and iPhone for HD gameplay
  • Online leaderboards to compete against your friends and worldwide. 
  • Three game modes, each with online leaderboards
  • Kick Flick Academy will teach you how to bend the ball like a pro
  • Unique full 3D neon art style.
  • Realistic physics simulation using the Bullet Physics Engine
One of 5 Best Football Apps for iPhone
— iphoneappcafe.com
As close as flicking your finger could possibly get you to taking a real free kick
— iphoneappcafe.com
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